This is one I had to write for my Language arts class... not too exciting.


Feel as if you're standing next to an ocean.
So small. So helpless. So weak.
The waves could trip you anytime,
They would push you into the deep.
The deepest end of the ocean,
And you couldn't swim back to shore.
The deepest, darkest part of your soul,
Hidden in your body, and heart, torn.

You couldn't swim out
Your scars just won't heal.
The ocean's just a metaphor,
But the drowning is real.
You'd stmble, and struggle, and float, and you'd scream,
But as your mind dies, the body's too weak.

Three more minutes
For the last drops of blood to pour out.
Just the three to completely slip away, drown.
Those three minutes and the tears start to rain.
Just these three last damn minutes and then

no more pain

Poetry by Nora
Read 911 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 06:56

Tags Pain  Drown  Ocean 

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