I've been looking through my blog on myspace. That's where all teh last writes came from.. this was obviously ffrom my suicidal stages.... I don;t know why but I have some sort of connection or thrist for hte number three...

3 Seconds

30 minutes to laugh a little.

30 minutes to cry alot.

30 more to wipe a tear,

And then another 30 to stop.

30 seconds to say the words,

that break a heart to pieces.

And 30 more to put it back together

With the words 'I Love You' that he says.

30 minutes to realize it's a lie,

And 30 seconds to, once again, begin to cry.

30 seconds to find a knife

But only 3 to cut your wrist:

You are no longer feel alive.

Poetry by Nora
Read 696 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 07:06

Tags 3  Seconds  Alive 

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