The End.

The Black Book

The book was lying there on the floor,
slightly hidden beneath the bed,
but the officer that worked the scene
was careful in using her head

to gather all the evidence and tag
each item by number and description
and place them gingerly in each bag
as she collected it, she made the inscription

of a name found in that black book,
the one that she new all too well.
It was the name of an officer on duty;
he's a correction officer at County Jail!

But he wasn't there today;
no he wasnt' to be found at all
because he was confronted at the doorway
by his son standing in the hall.

Fingerprints were taken and compared
to the man who did the crime.
He was the officer gone missing;
he was way past the starting time.

"Daddy what are you doing to mommy?"
His son asked with a tremble in his voice.
"Why daddy did you hurt my mommy?
I heard all this yelling and screaming noise."

The man he just stood there gasping;
trying to control what he said.
"I tried to help your mommy son.
She just fell down and bumped her head."

A knock on the door brought him to his senses.
He heard familiar voices at the door.
He peered out of the bedroom window
and saw the patrol cars in his yard.

He looked at sickness of the scene around him
then he spoke numbly to his little son,
"Go to your room now, boy! Right now!"
and then the man got his favorite gun.

While the officers broke through the door,.
the man with the gun in his hand took aim.
Shots blasted loudly through the house
echoing, ringing, telling, of the man with his name

in the little black book found beneath the bed
at the murder scene of the woman in her black satin slip.
He fell to the floor instantly dead
while the blood flowed from his ultimate red lips.

Kathy Lockhart
August 1, 2006

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 539 times
Written on 2006-08-01 at 08:03

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You are so amazing so the ending is very sad...but you do your job very well!!!gReat story!!!!kissess(daughter)

Fitting end, great mastery of your Storytelling.
Now Please stand up and give me a curtain call for I am still clapping at this Masterpiece.
you are a seamstress because your tale was woven to make the finest story.



Oooooh that was chilling... What an ending! Dramatic, yet, sadly it replays itself all the time... since time immemorial. I'm just wondering why...
Good job!

surely was an intensified read..
#1 Best Oprahs book club...:)))))
I can see it now...:))
I will share this story on my side of the world..
The Land by the sea!!LOL!:))))
What a storyteller you truly are!! :)
Cindy Mac :))) (hugs))

A horrible tale, beautifully told in verse! Unfortunately, it is not only fiction: Far too many women live tormented lives and die tragically because of the violence of some man in their environment. Thank you for writing these texts!

Malin Johansson
Wow A good imagery here, its like reading a good chapter in a book :))
Regards from sweden

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
So much in this poem and an horrendous end to the series

well done on the whole regards mike

Zachary P. B.
Ah!!! That's dramatic and intense and frightening. =) !!! I love your narratives and I love the metaphor of a "black book" oh how deep and how many ways it can be interpreted...

Ah, thanks for the amazing climax to your series! =)