this is supposed to be a multi-part piece but i haven't quite finished it yet. here's the first 2 parts

The Illusion of the Twinge


The digits balance precariously
On the pulp of cells
So the rhythm affects your pulse,
Makes the muscle throb so
Thoroughly the aquifer
Below soaks the augmented rays
Striking the flesh like magnets

Strain the quadriceps
Contract osteitis pubis
Extend your understanding
Unhinge the joints
In an aubergine exposť

Glitter dusting the tabletops
Marble adorning the trough
Soldier jump.
Hold the nose and somersault in
Collapse head first, backwards

Sugar and spice are quite nice in biscuits
With the crunchy baked flour
People do not need treacle

There is enough of a waterfall
To contain the torrent
Galactose making a mockery
Of the cytoplasm

The cinnamon tempting the tupperware
Give in to it.
Lick the bowl and make sure
The beaters are spotless

Culprits should hide their own mess.
"The cupboard is locked, sir"
"Fetch that stick then Fred"
Agnes walked away.
Her paradise caved in
Deltas displacing silt in the fiord
Salt water reservoirs
No algal blooms here
Spherical bulbs of hydrogen bonding
coating the dermis like the oil slicking the penguin.

Where does it all go?
Pools of endless fluid
lubricating the gears,
Driving them backwards

Drip, drop, watch the Globe fall
Flattening, crash landing
Glistening in the moonlight
Waves curling
the seahorses taming the sand beneath,
Riding the night air with
the heir of the oxbow

Nightswimming deserves a quiet night
The echoes of the nightmare haunting
Gravity giving way
The smack of the skull on the pavement
Where the yellow sign should be.

Blow it through the chute,
soggy and lethal,
a whorl of current,
Churning the turbidity,
Maintaining the indeterminability

Flowers in full bloom
The petals spread mechanically,
exposing the bottom,
Gametophytes setting root
Burrowing into the flesh

How about your sin?
Will the devil repent your soul?
How about your son?
Rabbits do not burrow into badgers' setts

Does a farmer really have the
Choice to explore his fields?
The crops do grow, if the concrete
Quarries are filled and the
Azure does blotch

But what about the roll of the dice,
The charm striking a match in
The rear barn, fresh from harvest?
The helium floats
The chipmunks reign
The soles are disproving the super glue

So Mount Everest is 8000 metres
Snow never looked so edible
The donkey shaved the carrot
I guess he thought it was
The right thing to do

Quills waste the earnings
Flightless birds with no exit sign
To pack into a box with an emblem on it

What happened to lifts in gold mines
The workers couldn't work up or down
Toll the bell
And ring the register
The richest reward is
Knowing the sacrifice was real.


Penny for your thoughts
I'm a pauper and the prince
Took his trivialities to exile

5 cents is enough to pay for nada.
Dime for a dime
Pound for a pound
Greenback for Nasdaq

What's the weather like
Up north this time of year?
You see, the rain's been
Giving us figures that are
Enlarging rapidly, the sum's
Giving us hell
In terms of all-ordinaries

How to prove the virtue of the uniform.
No reprieve for the jobless
Unless you're on the dole.
Jump the ship, swim to shore
Dodge the buoys

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 476 times
Written on 2006-08-02 at 02:51

Tags Emotion 

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