Well a little inspiration and fantasy brought on by one, Mr. Johnny Depp! Yeah, I know he's taken. But, I still have my imagination. A girl can have that can't she?

Face to Face

His eyes are chocolate brown
Outlined in sparkling black coal
Full lips that pout with design
A sultry man to take my soul

Hair the color of midnight
A body that's built for desire
Moves of sensuality
He sits my passion on fire

Come to me now my lover
Lie upon my body supine
Let me feel the heat of your breath
And give me again what is mine

Entangled as serpents' dance
Swelter in sweet lovers' embrace
All senses alive seek sating
As we love again face to face!

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 757 times
Written on 2006-08-03 at 16:54

Tags Romance  Fantasy  Sensuality 

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Loved this write!!!
Johnny Depp sure is
Finger licken good LOL!!!!
hugs to you Momma Kac
CindyMac :)))))))

I ADORE Mr. Depp...isn't he just, beautiful! I adore dark hair, I am such a sucker for it, it is unreal. I even love him as Jack Sparrow, eyeliner and all..Shower time!!

Zachary P. B.
I like Mr. Johnny Depp

But not like that! lol =)

Besides why are you setting your sights on such an old guy? You could totally work it out with Orlando Bloom. =) hehee

All joking aside...

Loved the passion here,

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
wow Kathy-1 a very passionate write specialy those lines!they are minblowing!
"Let me feel the heat of your breath
And give me again what is mine"

Malin Johansson
YES... we are aloud to have our imaginations :)) and this is a proof a good proof of how good the imaginations can be :)) lol
Johnny depp is a really good looking hunk / moveistar!!!
How can a woman not desire him :P lol
Thanks for a smooth, fun and good write :))
Regards to you

You go girl!!! Sultry, passionate write... Ummmm my windows are fogging up again!

Passionate and Powerful
Enjoyed the read...