Short story about pets - rather dark.

Hampster Love

There was that long night spent in seclusion, holding the hampster in her hands. Head half-chewed off by his maternal mate, the poor thing writhed in the girl's hands awaiting death. The knowledge that he was going to die filled the tears that leaked from her patient and caring eyes.

These were her pets, these fuzzy things. She'd watched them mate, helped to keep the cage clean as the pregnant mommy hamster prepared for birthing her litter and even made sure to give extra chunks of bugs and worms to the expectant mother.

But now, she was horrified. The mother hampster had birthed her young and prepared the nest. It had all been fine until the hour when darkness fell. Protective of their young, female hampsters are capable of anything, against any thing they see as a threat.

The daddy hampster had been seen as a threat to the young. The quickest way to kill a living being is to remove its brain. Hampsters are adept at chewing - their teeth are their main weaponry. So mother hampster proceeded to chew off half the brain of her mate.

Naturally, it worked. Now, the poor fuzzy black and white male hampster was on his way to hampster heaven. In a little while, he stopped his writhing in her hands, and suddenly with a long sigh and his mouth taking a last gasp of air -- he died.

They buried him in a box in the backyard. It wouldn't be the last time something died under her care, but certainly the last hampster. The violence was just too much for her to take. When the babies were old enough, they were sold to the pet store and the family never kept hampsters ever again.

Words by DarcyDancer
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Written on 2006-08-03 at 18:16

Tags Pets  Tragic 

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