Well....Insanity I guess....My first poem here so...

Why don`t we try shocktreatment?

Waiting in the darkness
Searching for the light

The bitter sound of fear
roaring through the night

Seeing shadows in the broad light of day
Hearing voices never there

Someone is whispering in my ear
this is too much for you to bear

"He lives in a world of illusion
he could really need some help"

"Why don't we send him to an institution?
That is the place to save him from himself"

Bright colours from pills
both red and blue

People in white talking to me hours a day
but providing not even a clue

I enter this door
Too tired to fight no more

Please help me restore

I have dug my hole
I am about to bury my own soul

Curled up in my darkness
I can no longer see

This horror I once called home
Why can `t you just leave me be?

"This boy is simply crazy
Why haven `t we tried shock treatment?
That will surely help!
We have just the right tools to fix him
And of course to save him from himself"

Poetry by Evelyn
Read 464 times
Written on 2006-08-03 at 23:35

Tags Madness 

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Zachary P. B.
insanity and genius, are close but so far. =)

they also told him they could fix him, but what if there's nothing to fix? what if they just can't accept his uniqueness? oh society, how i cringe.

hehe, personal interpretation

thank you for the food for thought.

wondrous poem here friend.


welcome to the bay.... vivid, true to reality write..

Thank you!:)

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Welcome to poetbay.com :) I liked the rythm and the flow in your poem :)

Insanity, maybe but written with a talented hand.

Great Flow

Nice Read...