breaking down in my opionion

Breakdown~ Falling

I can't hold these hurtful feelings inside, I can't take more of this pain I feel in my heart.
I feel like my eyes are about to cry, I need to breakdown or I'll feel like I'm going to die.
So much time I have spent with you, now everybody wants to take everything we've been through.
I can't lie to you, yes, I love you, all about love is I say is the truth.
I can't take more of this pain, to feel inside is about to rain.
Both through the same, I know you are feeling this shame.
That someone weak in love can take ours away.
I know right now we are hours away, but that time can't match up to the love we consume in a day.
It's the sun's rays, shining through my heart everyday.
Burning my heart, bringing us apart.
Burning everything in my heart, but you stay far, far from this hurt of par.
You're still my shining star, always together never apart.
I want to breakdown, to show you how much I love you my baby. Forever have you been my lady.
Now I feel crazy.
To say that you hate me, you first had to love me. I know you love me to death.
Never will hate take my head.
I know that love is what you'll always give me forever in time.
I will never cross the sad line. I will always bring joy into your life, I know you smile as long as you can when I say I want to make you my wife.
You smile because you know I'm right. Never to you have I been wrong I do the correct thing with all might.
My eyes feel wet, everything is set, I can't play around, because well,

I'm Breaking Down.

Poetry by New Heart
Read 642 times
Written on 2006-08-04 at 22:22

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