a poem about the unseen.

The future


like the shadows that form at night
its light can never be bright
never bright,although it has light

maybe miles away from you
or right behind you
but it won't tell you
it only comes on its own
to sing you its tone
even when you don't know.

respecter of no man,
satisfier of no man
deals with all lads
and sticks to its plan

for in its plan
there is man,
and for every man,
there is a plan

full of irony
in its armoury
very furious,yet so mild
very wicked and yet so kind
very late but always on time
quite ugly but appears so fine

it's like a chameleon
which stores changes in its colon
has never ceased to amaze all
always changing, from dusk till dawn.

many are afraid of it
and many more will love to eat it
but it is really all about you
from what you want to do,
it will choose,
either bad or good.

it is like your next door neighbour
a murderer,you can harbour
your best friend
who sleeps in your bed.
like a total stranger
a serial killer,
the church usher.

therefore, for all
standing tall
or staying small
play your balls
it waits for us all....

Poetry by Okai Channey
Read 380 times
Written on 2006-08-05 at 16:04

Tags Future 

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