for Ris

Volcano Immortalis

You rang me
You said you were cold
You said you want to live forever
But tell me why

Tell me what joy could
Possibly spring from an
Eternity of waiting, hopelessly in vain,
For my time to come

Having to spend years
Stoking the fires of relationships burning,
Having to spread the ashes
Of the beloved who shall have to pass

Years of cooking countless meals,
Feeding the egos of those who call
upon us to keep them going
When we are standing still.

I feel like Lazarus,
Who upon returning
from my stoush with the devil
Has learnt that life is changeable

And now so many questions arise,
Those I thought were answered
And new ones from understanding
That perhaps humanity is dying faster than we thought.

Why should I want to live
to see my efforts crumble
with every new generation?
Why should I watch the burning of the flame?

I can't stand in this furnace
While you tell me things are good for you
That since you took the high road
You've been struck with positivity.

You may have ice in your veins
But the lava in mine won't melt me.
You may immortalise yourself
But I'd rather not stretch time

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 487 times
Written on 2006-08-06 at 12:55

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