one should never assume one knows all the intricacies of a person

Assumed Knowledge

You think that you know this face,
The brow that shows a fall from grace
The lips that mouth a thousand words
To make you change your mind.

You think you know this heart of wet
Concrete forming stone, regret
the fact that you didn't leave
An imprint deep and wide

As rivers running between ears
Beating 'gainst a wall of fears
Pounding with the strength of some
Countless heartbreaks.

You think you know these fingers that
can curl around a cricket bat,
Can hit a comment back for six
And tingle with a spark

That lights up moments dull and grey
When hope of sense has gone away
When you look deep into my soul
And make me hungry for the door

To open, let my spirit fall
Let the bells of London call
Let the wind carry promise
Sweetness to extend.

You think you know these eyes of green
That flicker, watching, still unseen
The window that you open
To have a look inside

You think you know this continent
Of skin with curves of wonderment
Traced a line into the sand
That washes with the tide

You think you know this voice aquiver
These feelings that now make me shiver
The changes, intonation slight
You recognise my silent call

You think you know these legs that walk
The walls that listen, think and baulk
If you take from under me
I will still be running
For I am trapped, but I am free

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 564 times
Written on 2006-08-07 at 06:50

Tags Personal 

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Thought-provoking and realistic, excellent!