losing you

There are so many things
So many things I have to tell you
Like how can this be the end
And why does this have to be
The end of our friendship
The end of our love
How do I see you and not cry
Because you left me
How do I survive
I can sit there and laugh
When I want to cry
We are done
We are over
Just because you left
We are not there
As we once were
You have moved on
Why can't I
I feel so alone
This feeling inside
I have to leave
I can't talk
My voice is gone
Just as you left
It has left too
Now I have to say it
Good-bye my friend
Good-bye my love
I will always love you

Poetry by kayla
Read 992 times
Written on 2006-08-07 at 19:52

Tags Heartbreak 

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great job!! it brought tears to my eyes bc i can relate to this RIGHT this min!! anyways...keep up the WONDERFUL work!! peace and love!

D'Antay Web
I was told; "a single teardrop in the name of love falls gently into the oceans stream and winds - to dissipate. In light of this, sometimes struggle through storms, or the whirlwind.. but hold on to the butterfly kisses, rainbow teardrops or eternal suns within (beyond skin) the conditions and intricacies of all the seasons. In other words love combines all the souls into one - one love to counterbalance everything. You cannot lose what you have already love is a paradoxical equation. by the way this is a great emotional poem. Peaceout and blessings.

great write
many can relate to this