Some of you may not like this because you have no rhythm or religion. 08 August 2006

Fear not.

Ponder cold sparks;
Your mind thus black;
Sublime the spirit of time,

With a torch.

Melt to ice;
Made weak your smile;
Run plenty a mile,

Hand in hand.

No voice be seen -
Though stand does he;
Right by your side,

With a gun.

Silver erray;
Woven death to his hands;
He winks and jeers,

Let us play.

Resemblance to tears;
His rose will wilter;
Right with sorrow,

Crown of thorns.

Fear not says he,
And his shadow doth grow;
Or so it seems,

A cross, maybe?

Poetry by John Ashleigh
Read 1180 times
Written on 2006-08-08 at 17:10

Tags Religious  Fear 

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Amanda K
4got to u go

Amanda K
That was fine and do delete what you wrote in the introduction.everyone does have his belief and he is free to express if won't harm others.

Keep it up,

are you kidding this poem is awesome i really do like it and i hope to be reading more soon!!!!
amber lynn

Kathy Lockhart
these images are haunting and yet so very real! The sneering of the wicked one who longs to kill and destroy is chilling. But, the crown of thorns, and the growing of the shadow of the cross will erase all sneers from the evil one. For he has no hope but eternal damnation. The battle is won and the Victor is the Christ! Powerful, Honest, and True! :) kathy