this stems from a long story involving someone called me a mollydooker, then me finding out i was actually left-handed but was forced to be right-handed as a child, so i wrote a poem about the derivatives of the word 'molly'


How is it possible to be something you're not?


In bubblegum culture,
The discernible times
Geronition of Mary,
Name given to 1 in 1818
Even rarer as a family vanguard

Harlotry feature of the seventeenth centesimal
Marked with the characteristics of low living
Good golly Miss Molly!
The next century's chapped queer
Whorehouse of indignation,

Popular aquaria species,
Tropical osteichthyes
Hardy and attractive
Mollienisia shorthand,
Comte Francois' namesake
Mollien of a creature, French statesman

Brightly coloured live-bearers
Glaucous grey Poecilia,
Five to thirteen centimetres continuing,
Sailfin mollies
Bred for the rectangular glass boxes
Capturing the sea

Brand of expansion bolt,
Fissured and split,
Sleevelike sheath threaded at an aperture,
Inserted snugly into masonry
As the turning of the metal pin draws the limits together,
Spreading the sides

Mallee, tree of the earth,
Garland maker,
Member of the caste furnishing gardeners,
The mali with his dali


Soften like butter
That doesn't melt in the mouth
Appease and make haste
So as to not go too far,
Pacify and satisfy,
Make concessions to aggressors

Wrench out of the surroundings
Into the eye of the storm,
Calming down the overhype
Suffusing the anguish,
Lessening the anger,
Mollified stupor of treason


Large pelagic petrels and fulmars,
Fulmarus glacialis
North Atlantic rush of feathers
Aestrelata soaring highly,
Dodging the missiles of the Southern Ocean

Instinctive and powerful,
Doing the best to keep the air current moving
Outmanoeuvring the obstacles of yonder
Dodging the predatory bullets
to reign supreme


Pure and indivisible
Smash it into atoms
Compound it into more
Come in pairs, or singles
Quartets and octets are quite rare
Shapeable, yet immovable all at once

Smallest part of a substance
With fundamentals of the original
No lost chemical identity
All protrusions intact
Essential to learning
The building blocks of substance


Indian culinary delight,
Monsoon of rice and spices
Corruption of Malay.
Used in the Madras Presidency
To scare away scavengers
Knock the coconuts off the tree
Ingredients take precedence.

Imitations failing the benchmark
Not coming up to scratch
Closely allied to the mali
Tamil Tiger rebellion
Southern India parallel
Moley kind of experience.


Magicians conjuring condiments
Elliott's secret formula
Fabulous bulb of occult and power
Black root tapping deep into the nether-depths
Bleached blossoms innocently stretching
Contrasts of hue and of atmosphere

Why the gift from Hermes
To Odysseus or Ulysses or both?
Sorcery of Circe,
Requiring counteraction
Warding off the enemies of possibility

Allium Moly
Bulb of cloved seasoning
Large yellow calyx, Corolla zooming on
Type of herb to kickstart the explanation
Golden garlic of the field


Mo of the transitional d-block
Grouping of six in the period of five
Scheele hit the jackpot in 1778
But Hjelm isolated the find
Silvery-white, hard and metallic
Sextet of oxidation.

Refractory element
Used in alloys, electrodes, catalysts
Steel, cast iron, superalloys, lubricants and pigments
Confused with graphite and lead ore
As foil, sheet, wire, insulated wire, mesh
Rod, power, nanosized activated power and tube

High melting point
Electrically heated glass furnaces
Electrical filaments
Versatility: industrial technology
Good under high stress,
expanded temperature ranges,
Highly corrosive environments

Missile and aircraft parts
Nuclear power industry
Catalyst in petrol refining
Enhanced hardening ability and strength,
Toughness, wear and corrosion resistance
Molybdenite, wulfenite, powellite
By-product of mining and processing
Tungsten and copper
Molybdicoxide, ferromolybdenum

Essential for plant foliage and health
Essential nutrient for animals and super-animals
Component of enzymes
Sulfite oxidase, xanthine oxidase, aldehyde oxidase
Common "molybdenum cofactor"
Provoking the turn of the screw


Pamper, overprotect
Cook gently in water just below boiling-point
Overprotective and indulgent toward
Why are you a milksop, man?
Used to being coddled
Pampered creature, afraid
the winds of heaven should visit you too roughly
A Molly, though male

Not a Valetudinarian
Ever fearing lest he should be so
You might just become one.
Parboil caudle, drink of
thin gruel mixed with sweetened and spiced wine or ale
Given chiefly to sick people
Be careful you don't suffocate, effeminate one


Put up your dukes, woman,
And get me some cake while you're at it.
Duke it out in nineteenth century London
Fork into the Duke of York, without the end
Over-complex evolution
Fingers like a pair of tweezers
To slip something out of a person's pocket
Without them knowing about it.

Romany derivative,
Language of the gypsies
Dukker: tell fortunes,
Palmistry magic
Lefthanded, allowing the devil to rule
Queer in at least one respect


He's a regular Molly
Don't interfere with women's work, big boy

Brought up as something we're not
To avoid distinction later on.
Swap hands, left to right and vice versa

A reflective tide

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 1286 times
Written on 2006-08-12 at 01:09

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Zachary P. B.
wow how on earth i missed this, i will never know.

what an amazing write... my grandpa was a lefty and was forced to write with his right hand as a child... they also mistaked him for an indian and put him in jail...

How is it possible to be something you're not?

conformity is death to our souls to our hearts.

awesome job here.


Kathy Lockhart
Amazing! is that word enough to express the genius in the poetry. Brilliant, Excellent, Outstanding, Good Golly Miss Molly you are the...."cat's meow." Barney Fife to Emmalou on Mayberry. :) kathy

Oh wow...I dont now what to say really...its just great, even if that is not the right word..I just love it, and I will have it bookmarked so can read it again and again....=) I love every word of it..