This is a true story about Me, my sister and our two friends who lived and roamed the neighborhood with us. What a thrill to ride those bikes as fast as lightening to catch that train! Simplicity, innocence, and pure fun!

The Cavalry Of Four ~~ A Glimpse of My Childhood

A tangle of bicycles lay
discarded but not forgotten
by four freedom loving friends
enjoying their summer vacation.
Jelly jars filled with lemonade
quenched their thirst and cooled their wet brows.
Hunger pangs loudly grumbled
longing for some satisfaction now!
A rush through the kitchen door
results in bolony and cheese.
Sandwiches devoured in haste;
their growling stomachs fully appeased.
The Cavalry of Four regroups
upon their trusty mangled steeds
Waiting for the blaring horn,
calling riders to quickly proceed.
They eagerly race down the road;
anticipation grasps them all.
Pumping, pedaling, soldiers
rapidly rush to the engines call.
At last they have come to the end.
They straddle their mounts and take pause
The engineer pulls the whistle
The Cavalry of Four gives applause!

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 960 times
Written on 2006-08-15 at 05:50

Tags Childhood  Friendship  Play 

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What an adorable story! Well-written.
God Bless!

very nice and well written ballad.

May I add an applause of my own, stand and take a bow, remain standing and tip you hat for a standing ovation.

Tremendous Write.

(do I sound like a scratched record)

(BM) again

Malin Johansson
beautiful poem here Kathy about a part of your choldhood:))

Wonderful story!!! Like you I love to ride the bike so much fun!!!!lovely write mom!!!!kissess(daughter)

You've brought me back to where it all began and should be cherished the most, childhood. Beautiful!

what a joyride this write!!
of childhoood fun!!
really enjoyed this
wonderous adventure

"pumping,pedaling solders!!
love that line!!
Hugerama Mommkac

Zachary P. B.
aww... what a wondrous and simple time: childhood. back when everything's easy and magical... when bikes were steeds nobler than any horse and damsels and knights were right next door... when we sang to the moon and were awed by little fireflies...

what a beautiful poem Kathy, written masterfully,