This is just a writing of my imagnation. Letting it take over and try to create a story of interest, of morals, of fantasy. Also I hope to have a bit of rhythm. (PRFSR.) sometimes i lose my balance but I am always willing to try again. LOL I hope you like

The Innocence Of Imagination ~Fantasy's Salvation

Deep I lie in the forest,
Under moss-covered stones.
You cannot see me here
I am hidden beside the ancient bones
Of all lost souls
Escaped from your view.
You looked for me awhile,
Your attention turned anew.
I ponder why the dark lord
Took away the sky.
I cannot find one piece of it
As I lay here where I die.
I can hear your footsteps
As they tread this tortured trail.
You snap the fallen branches
That cover places where I dwell.
I have been taken and buried
Beneath the rotting ground,
Where dank putrid smells are noticed,
But never found.
It is there where I lie,
As crawling creatures dine upon my spirit.
It is here where I cry
Hoping for a child's heart to hear it.

Oh, help me, little ones,
For I long to show you how
I used to fly without wings,
As I soared over the land of now.
But, then, the darkness loomed
Across mystical skies of light,
Turning happiness to gloom,
The doom of eternal night.
All I need is for one child,
Full of love's imagination,
To whisper my name,
Call to all within this nation
Who are dying, crying, sighing
For they know the precious need
To feed the children fairytales
Lost to the hatred's greed.

Just say my name.
Just whisper, if you dare;
Just say my name.
Say it if you care.
Is there a little voice calling my name?

"... sprite?"

Oh, yes, my darling,
I am here for you;
Call again; let me come through
So I can play with you
Take you on a magic ride.
Just say it one more time; just say it.
I promise it will be all right!


I feel my body surging
As the twinkles light the sky.
"Tis I. 'Tis I. 'Tis I, and I can fly!
Now my little one,
Let's play the game of pretend.
Let's think of magic dragons,
Fauns and endless elves.
Come, play in the meadows of talking rabbits,
Of deer without fear,
Of flowers that love and walk
They speak of time without tears.
Oh, my child,
Let's play in the fantasy of new birth.
Let's march around,
Stomp the ground!
Fall down upon the earth.
Then soar again to reach the stars,
Spread happiness around,
And comfort all the people
In our Fairytale Band.

Kathy Lockhart


Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 754 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 04:45

Tags Fantasy  Sprites  Imagination 

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Shall I sayeth a fine tale My Good Lady

Enjoyed the read

Zachary P. B.
my dear kathy, you take me on a childhood fantasy ride, with faeries and sprites and trolls with green thumbs... thank you for the journey my dear friend. =)

much love from fairyland,

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Kathy you have really made this form your own well done with these vivid imaginations rgds mike

A very wonderful fantasy...nice imagination mom!!!!well done!!!!kissess(daughter)

of imagination!!
how I enjoyed this
takes you away in

Rob Graber
Very enjoyable! I like the occasional interal rhymes: they seem to support the fantasy world you've created.