it seems world is getting worse day by day ,this poem is my hearts voice.

What A World

What A World

Life was simple and easy at that time,
When the world was free from crime.

Terrorism is now become a business,
Which had made the end of peace and awareness.

Murder and bomb blast is now very common,
And this is destroying the peace of every nation.

Everyone’s mind is full of tension,
Even tough they have created so many inventions.

World is now become a mess ,
Where everyone is full of distress.

Poetry by dija
Read 953 times
Written on 2006-08-16 at 16:07

Tags Sad  Dark 

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Very good poem. Well written and sadly very true. I liked the first and last two lines.
Keep it up!

Amanda K
Yeah, sadly terrorism and crime take place in a way so destructive and shocking. I loved how u expressed thru your poem.

Keep it up,
Amanda K