This is about my bro !!I hope he dont read or he'll just ........


There was a boy named Solomon. He was a very decent but a curious boy. Although he was just 6 but still wanted to know about everything. Once he was watching television in which they were telling how does a little bird come out of egg. He saw that a mother bird was sitting on few eggs and afterwards they broke and the some little baby birds came out of it. When he asked his mother about all this, she answered in a short and simple way that a mother bird sits on the eggs and her feather's heat makes the egg break.
After few days Solomon's mother saw an egg in his cupboard she was angry but did not say anything to Solomon. Then after some more days she found another egg from his school bag afterwards from his and then from his school uniform. She scolded his son but one day she saw Sam sitting like a chicken and after that what she saw was really very funny she saw her son sitting on an egg and trying to bring out little chicks from it. She could not control his laughter and laughed heartily.
Solomon is now 13 and do not remember anything but her mother still laugh on this story when she tell her friends. And is waiting for a right time to tell his son about this joke.

Short story by dija
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Written on 2007-02-06 at 16:23

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HAHAHA!!! Thats so funny! :D
Thansk for the laugh!