this explores the heart and its tendency to go up in flames

Blow Torch

" burned my heart with a flickering torch"

The pumping station of the bush
Subsists for the circulation of aqueous liquor,
The transportation of saline fragments,
The stone beneath the plastic

The curvatures of veracity bend
the light of cardiac translations
The frivolity of idealism can be oft unearthed
In the raison d'être of misconstrued phenomena

Naïveté unravels the core integument
Like a manx with a globe of yarn
To love is to be open to all possibilities
But to be overruled is to succumb to the
Power of the passion

The meridion- such neutrality,
Such riskless ingratiality
Take the torch and stumble recklessly
Into the corridor of the night

Lunar illumination igniting the beacon of
Impossible beauty
Wax silhouettes melting under compulsion
Solder solidifying against the grain of will's harvest

Point opposite the sun at noon,
Tumble off the horizon and yodel
Elevate the standing crouched in mud
Reverse the burial of sensitivity,
The anesthetizing of the patient on life support

Crack the whip of the thoroughbred ass
Abandon the dove in the open cage
Pull down the big top
But the show ain't over till it's over,
Right boys?

Top hat askew
Cane dripping off the bamboo hook
Trapeze lingering precariously
Bounce onto the tightrope,
The springs curled loosely

Yell 'gung-ho!' and cry 'A-sail!'
Throw the anchor into the unnamed oceans
Where the plankton floats translucently
And the seaweed entangles mercilessly

Attempt the maiden in tennis
Go for six to wrest the Ashes
Two sticks may not light a fire,
But four guarantee a return

Wind the breeze into the melancholy trees
And fill the birds with straw
Build a bunker for the depths of animosity
Hammer the ceiling of steel

Push the penny further
Wait for the fat lady to wail
Pigtails and bun rolls hang on by a thread
The dough smacked against the
Glass of the furnace

Burn, baby, burn!
The lava diffusing the condensed universal solvent
The fire freezing the ice
The matches grating against the sulphur

The LPG is pressurizing the leaking seal
There is no baking of cake today
No crisping of potatoes stripped and naked
No sizzling of prawns on the hotplate

The element fizzed out
The sherbet tarted itself like lemon meringue
The siren whispered, stirring the whipped cream
The glass shattered as the doors slided

Electricity was invented for a reason
Not to depend on the electrochemical cell
The cathodes and the lead extractor
The temporary source of enlightenment

Concentrated radiance blinding
Magnifying glasses converging the glare,
Capitulating the brown ant foraging,
Pondering the whereabouts of the ant hill

Pains do extend to the soul
Burns pierce the edges of the grafts
Medicos need not puncture the ventricles
Affection graduated with honours

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 549 times
Written on 2006-08-23 at 13:23

Tags Love  Pain 

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