He will understand this, though it's not as sad as it sounds... Sometimes it's a bit painful to find out one was right all along. But with him holding my hands; I face the inevitable.


The depths to which you send me.
I've been wandering half-blind
Believing, in my innocence,
In things I thought I cast aside.

No matter how I love you,
No matter what you mean,
It's still a disappointment
To find his secret dreams.

Forgive me disappointment
To stand at funeral's gate;
I'll be alright. I'm stronger.
As I will work and wait.

Still, it's opened up my eyes,
To see I'm not his dream;
A bit of this, my ego dies
To not be held supreme.

Yet I know you'd tell me
That this is how men are;
And I suppose more to themselves
Duplicitous by far.

Yet there are times when growing up;
Just doesn't feel so good
I know it's how it has to be
That much, I've understood.

You've given me more power
And spun my world around.
Long since you were innocent,
You make me knowledge bound.

So Santa Clause is just a myth,
The Easter bunny too,,
I know my view is changing
Of what kind of love is true.

So no matter how it might sting,
This much I can say;
Somewhere deep inside I knew.
It's always been this way.

And it is not as deep a hurt
It would be without you,
So hold me tightly in your mind
In moments like these blue.

Poetry by Julie Zerbe
Read 700 times
Written on 2006-08-26 at 01:10

Tags Emotion  Sad  Ignition 

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Nagamuthu Osho
Respected Author, Poet,

This is a nice, precious poem... full of serene rhymes, it is with patience the poem prelude.

god bless the readers and you,

Thanking you,
yours truly,

Zoya Zaidi
Hey, Julie, I just realised you are our old Julie Zebre!
What happened to your old page?
I should say welcome back!
Love,xxx, Zoya

Zoya Zaidi
I like the title!
Yes, sometimes disappointment of one kind is a blessing in disguise;
It opens so many avenues for you,
It makes you aware of yourself.
It makes you realize so much about yourself; you never thought you had in you.

Am I making sense?
Welcome to the bay from my side!

Love, xxx, Zoya

Malin Johansson
~A lovely flow in this lovley poem~
Regards from Sweden :)

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
nicely written. Great insight! xx kathy

keith nunes
lovely piece. great pace and connection