As suggested, I am reposting this. It was previously published under PJ

Death of reason = death of hope in and outside the womb

Cold Side Of The Moon

I am on the cold side of the moon, shadowed from Gods comforting hand.
The sun cannot warm me here, no life moves in this land.
I am in the deepest abyss of the ocean; no light beam can penetrate here
Black wet emptiness surrounds me; this is the womb of fear
I am in the lost confusion of mindlessness, where I claw and cling and grope
But there's nothing to hold on to, there's no reason to bring me hope

Inside walls of darkness, in a fetal curl I clinch
Demons cackle around me as I pull and cinch and flinch
Loneliness enflolds me as a comfort to a babe
Whose life has been stolen, before it's completely made

I was to live in splashes of sunlight, God made and God blessed
I was to run in puddles of spring rain, be tickled, patted, caressed
I was to sleep with musical teddies, and passys and blankies of fleece
I was to see each day as a wonder and inspire the world to peace
I was to cause you to see in me, how God sees you in His plan
Now I am on the cold side of the moon, shadowed from God's comforting hand.

Poetry by Phyllis J. Rhodes
Read 882 times
Written on 2006-08-29 at 18:46

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Sam lockhart
Phyllis I just read this and was very moved. I am trying to find time to read all that you have written. I think you are awesome and I love you very much. Your Brother Sam

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
This is indeed very interesting.

keith nunes
superb. heartwrenchingly lovely!