Wars are the agents of destruction,
That causes population reduction
Due to wars many die
Damages caused are also high

For power and prestige when begins a race
To settle the problems there aren't much ways
When warnings and threats go too far
At once the countries declare a war

If one country has another teased
Then at once it will be seized
Prestige becomes the ultimate cause
This is a major issue - ALAS!

After war's end peace spreads
Except for the families of the deads
From the soil where blood stains were found
Trees and plants grow all around

Poetry by Neela
Read 666 times
Written on 2006-08-30 at 16:14

Tags War 

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Michael G
war is definatly not a good thing. nice work

D'Antay Web
It was said the treacherous and wicked; wanted in there debauchery to create destructive worlds; in vainglory of the devils image. Thus, in creating worlds in their own image and lost tenets; it has led to war and these perilous states of distorted consciousness. However, as Jesus said on the cross gazing on his mocking tormentors and persecuters, (with knowledge of the heavenly terrain that awaits), he said

'do not hate them for they do not know what they do'.

the spirit of man will reign in the light of our essential spirit... sunlight will shine eternally in the garden. As humanity returns to us (sheep), us wanderers in the bewildering desert and wastelands. War is the antithesis to humanity. An irrational stain on the higher states of being. On that note, peace and blessings... p.s, it was your poem that inspired and stirred the sentiments of which i am writing. I can see like me your a citzen of the world, One Love and Blessings.

Yes, War is definitely an ugly monster.

Great Write!!