Winter's contradictions.

Winter Willow

Winter winds wail across the willow tree
Bending her over to touch the frozen stream
Autumn's leaves scatter across the blue ice
Crumbled brown shells of what once were green
Sleet, jagged and sharp, cuts through the air
Coating the limbs of the willow as she weeps
In the frozen cocoon of winter's icy embrace
Like an ancient sage, she slowly moves and creeps
Heavy with ice, she moans in her discomfort,
"Oh, Winter, my branches, please spare
For I am soft as the snow that falls upon me"
Each flake glistened as it blew through the frigid air.
A fleece of white covered the willow's tangled hair
Leaving a sea of powdery snow upon the ground
The willow, she rested and breathed in the freshness
She adored the red of the cardinal and its sound
As he sit upon her branches brilliant in his color
The willow whispered, "I adore you Winter White
For you bring me the shelter that I need to cover
My tender roots as the blizzard roars on into the night."

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-09-01 at 05:49

Tags Seasons  Winter 

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we are often willows ourselves, and have to bend in the wind of the winter, but the same thing that bends us, makes us stronger, wiser...i enjoyed very much reading this! thank you for writing it!

this , my Mother , is written with your incredible wordpainting skills so evident . If I could I would make this poem into a pillow and rest on it always . The rhyme , making the poem flow as the soft snow falling in it , is a lullaby for kings ,, and the imagery is a Narnia I never want to leave .
Superb and Superior is this write.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Every line a masterpiece. Genius, sheer genius!

nice one. three gbosa!!! for u

A wonderful depiction of winter's presence.

Beautiful again!!! great piece!!!kissess(daughter)

this gave me the chills :-) very beautifull description.....

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
another brilliant text from you and so
wonderfully evocative of the season
rgds mike

keith nunes
absolutely super. loved the way you used the willow to speak through.