continuation of series

It Was The Summer Of Sixty-Two(part 3)

"I must do my work. Thy will be done."
He spoke with the voice of the dead
He heard them often ranting in his head
"I must do my work. Thy will be done."
"I must do my work.
Thy will
Be done."
On and on it went as it has many times before.
The voices were relentless in their commands.
Always they sought blood, the shedding of blood
Upon the hallowed altar soaked in the crimson of
The little lambs he captured wherever they were lost.

"I am the shepherd, the good shepherd, seeking lost
Lambs; my rod and my staff will bring you comfort
And release," he told the struggling lamb.

"No! No! Stop it! I am a tiger!" she screamed as she
Struggled to move away from the dragon demon that
Held her down with his hands of fire!

"Don't! It hurts."
"Leave me alone!"

"I must do my work. Thy will be done."
He continued to chant in his trance-like state.

Oh, it was his desire
It was truly his desire
To burn her with his fire
As it burst forth from his fingertips
Raging, destroying, killing
All the evil within this world.
In this little lamb of a girl.

Kathy screamed with all her might,

He stopped!
He could not move.
He could not speak!

He then began again,
"I must do my work. Thy will be done."

But he turned away from Kat.
He turned to get the tool
The tool for the slaughter
The dagger of death
To slay this wayward daughter
She, the daughter of Satan
She, the offspring of Evil
Slowly, he walked away from her
Leaving her free and unbound.

"Run tiger, run tiger, run!"

The voice of her daddy bellowed throughout
The wall of her soul waking her up to the
Reality of her chance to flee
Her chance to be free.

Going beyond the excruciating pain that
Seared through her as he grabbed her foot
With the scorching hands of this demon,
She leaped off that horrible table and fell
Into the soft, sinking soil of the open sewer.

"I know this is all pretend"
She thought to herself
"Please God let this be pretend."
She begged to wake up in the morning's sun
Oh, she prayed for a nightmare's end

But, that wasn't the end, my friend that was not the end!

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 521 times
Written on 2006-09-01 at 05:05

Tags Narrative  Abduction  Horror 

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just .. wow
(hands covering mouth now)

Phyllis J. Rhodes
You must keep writing. This must be read. There is something spiritual here being said. Keep Kathy fighting, keep her will fed. We have to learn the lesson of what's in this child's head.

This series is getting better and better!!

keith nunes
congrats. you're doing well to keep up the intensity over days and days. well done