149. Regretting love

A strange theoretical question arises:
has anyone ever regretted his love?
I must say that everything speaks for a 'no'.
I never found anyone anywhere,
not even in all world literature and our history,
who in whatever preposterous way has said:
"I regret that I ever gave my love to her (or to him)."
Are there any exceptions? Not even poor mothers of criminals
have to my knowledge regretted their love of their lost ones,
not even the raped victim can fail to feel some compassion
for the most condemnable of all transgressions.
Nor even can I regret any of my many moments of love,
not one single of them, although God knows
they all cost me more than I could ever give.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 772 times
Written on 2006-09-01 at 10:16

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