Silence haunts me

once again

Walls closing in.

I have been alone before
but not like this.

Listening to black and white music
feeling my blood run through nobody's veins

Tasting the salt of the endless air

smoking the smoke of a cigarette

A candle has burnt out and not heard a sound

The clock has passed midnight two times around

The bed sleeps lonesome with no one to hold
The window has closed itself not to get cold

I have been hiding myself from me
Terrified of what my thoughts might be

I scream to the moon but no one can hear
I walk to the door, but there's nobody there.

Poetry by monsa
Read 749 times
Written on 2005-09-11 at 15:32

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otteri selvakumar
to much best...

What a haunting, emotional poem. Well done!

Sofiul Azam
This is simply great! "Silence haunts me/ once again/ Walls closing in" these lines and some more beneath these are, in a sense, fabulous according to the depth of emotions you have put into words. Everything is great about it except the patterning of lines, though it's fully up to you alone. I would love to see more of your work at this site or elsewhere on the Internet. Thanks once again for the poem itself and for the poet that lives in you as well.