Joey visited me today and he found a locust. We brought him inside and then the adventure began! A bit of realism with a touch of magic!

The Magic Of The Locust

Oh, locust he found you
lying on my stairs
He called to me,
"Nana, look what is here."
It was you my dear cicada
You were dead to my eyes
But to this little boy, Joey,
You were a Prize!

So I picked you up
oh so gingerly well
Taking care not to crush
your fragile shell
I brought you inside
So we could have a look
I thought,
"This is science in reality
Not out of a book."

As I laid you down
Upon the walnut desk,
I listened as Joey
Put me to the test.
"Why, Nana, do his wings feel so light?"
I only answered,
"Well they were created just so very right."

"But look at those eyes; what can he see?"
I told him, "Joey, he sees what he wants to be."

"Nana, you are so funny
For how can he do that?"

"Well, he just uses his magic
That he keeps in is hat."

Joey and I continued this exchange
Until all at once, the locust had changed!

"Nana, he moved; he did; I saw him!"

I walked to the desk to take a look
Before my eyes that cicada had shook
He kicked his legs and twitched his wings
I believe we heard his voice start to sing.

"I am a magic bug one of a kind
Listen to me as I tell you a rhyme
Of times in my life when I thought I was done
But in all of the world, I was having some fun
Because I am special, you see
I have the uncanny ability
To bring joy to a boy and his Nana
In any place of my choosing
This time I chose Indiana!"

So after his performance he bowed
Then took off his hat.
And then I sat
I had to take some time to think
For I knew we were on the brink
Of something wonderfully unique

I thought,
"Did I just hear a cicada sing?
Did he bow and let the imagination ring?

Oh, my locust, you have certainly entertained
Thank you for dropping by on this day full of rain
You gave this Nana some child-like fun
And a boy named Joey some memories like none
Other he will have in the rest of his days
I guess Joey and I will just continue to play.

Now I will take you to the window and set you free
For you have given a gift that will last eternally
A gift of togetherness, of adventure, of delight
Please come back and visit us again whether it
Be day or be it night
For I know it will be
just so very right!

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 662 times
Written on 2006-09-02 at 21:43

Tags Imagination  Play  Cicada 

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I just can't stop smiling! Tjis was beautifully written and what an adventure. =)

I just hope the locust visit me some day as well! =)

Chris Fernie
Dear Kathy,

Dr. Suess would be proud of you! And it's refreshing, too, that you have given locusts a good press for once!

Best wishes, Chris

Phyllis J. Rhodes
A hocus pocus locust focus
you joke us?
This was really, really fun!

keith nunes
wonderful. the joy of discovery, can't beat it