repost. but this fits Aaron's Challenge.

Seaside Delights (Aaron's Ocean Challenge)

Emerald waters rush to shore
turbulently tossing abandoned shells,
scattering them across white sand,
impregnating the air with fishy smells.

Golden haired children and waves dance
together, playing a game of "Keep-Away."
Sand pails and shovels make castles
built by crouched cherubs delighted in play.

Mothers and fathers watch their young,
lathering sunblock across tender skin.
Aromatic scents of coconut
wafted softly among strangers and kin.

Tanned taut bodies of teens displayed
stroll along, ogling each other,
hoping that attraction unites
couples intrigued by one another.

The ocean and beach create unity
among creatures from sea to shore,
sating the senses with delights
ravenously consumed and wanting more.

The sand, the sea, the changing shore
in balance by creation's plan.
God's infinite wisdom prescribed
that all nature is molded by His hands.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-09-03 at 00:00

Tags People  Ocean  Sea 

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Ah--I just came upon this beautiful and descriptive...I felt as if I was there with you, taking in all the beauty and splendour!

keith nunes
in balance ... those wonderful moments that feel just right. nature does it best

everything I ever remember from our excursions to the beach each summer, you have captured here. (and some I forgot about!)
A wonderful write!