a few years ago a teacher of mine was charged with some very bad offences...it was quite a shock for a lot of us

Chem Explanations

For M. Goodall

I can't quite explain how this works
It's more about exploration than verification
Trying to wrap my head around the gravity of the situation

It's not as if I even had time to savour
The last bite of the ascerb
The majority shell-shocked

But where are you now,
Are you ashamed and aware?
Or ruing your bad luck?

The way things work
In mysterious ways
Springing out of the jack-in-the-box

Least likely, to me anyway
Reptilian hands gave no clue
Scissorhands was a decent bloke too

The essence filtered through further
But your cake seemed healthy enough
Sure, there was the odd tip for retribution
But that didn't mean anything but joking

Some analogies were half-baked,
Others undercooked,
The salmonella creeping through the scholastic plumbing

And slowly diseasing your mind
That's what must have happened
I can't see a split-second change

Jekyll and Hyde
One mask removed to reveal another
Not even dye can cover your greys

Judgemental fools,
with no knowledge of your being
Just because the novelty has been slapped on thick

It's not as if we plan our own downfalls
Discreet can cut the casualty rate
But the effects still filter through

Ripples in the stagnant pond of complacency
Shaking up the unmoving current,
Diverting the attention

I will still remember and revere
Uphold the good and repress the bad
Into the concrete well of the mind,
Have a stranger discuss your prelude.

But something is missing.

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 611 times
Written on 2006-09-03 at 04:54

Tags Personal  Lies 

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