a vision, of sorts

Confessing Up

Were my feet to cross that threshold
Would my words be useless?

My lips would tremble
but not stutter

"I have coveted that which belongs
to my neighbor"

My gaze would be unflinching
at the floor

"These lips have uttered false witness"

My shoulders would not be rounded
but squarely under the knowledge

"I have taken that
which was not my own"

My voice would waver
and not falter

"I have committed adultery"

My feet would burn
but I would not run

"I have killed"

My chest would heave
but hold the air

"I have dishonoured my
mother and father"

My eyes would blur
yet I'd hold back the tears

"I have not kept
the sabbath holy"

My throat would swell
but not choke on the words

"I have taken the Lord my God's
name in vain"

My heart would break
but I'd forge on and say

"I have worshipped false idols"

My soul would puddle
at the tips of my shoes

"There has been another
god before him"

In full knowledge
Of truth and consequence
Every law was broken
No stone left unturned finds

A heart
To the very nature
Of his will

The shaming mirror cries
What I don't want to see
"My god before him - me"

Poetry by Troll
Read 1146 times
Written on 2006-09-03 at 08:58

Tags Truth  Confession  God 

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I like the honesty in the text..very humane

Amanda Manmohan
this write definitely gave me chills.. it's how a lot of us feel, i'm sure. your language was beautiful, making me feel all of the emotions you described. good use of line breaks too :)

powerful, real, raw, honest... there's a whole list of things i can say... (even though it's probably too early for me to think) but what more can anyone accuse us of? you know, that's it. that's the list... and the thing is that He forgives. 'Confessing Up' is just the beginning of his Mercy...

truly, i don't know what else to say... my mind keeps spinning around something like 'pile my sins up and count them! go on! they are the same as your own!'

the very real, bold and yet fragile nature of this really gets to me... BRAVO SiS! :)))

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey ther troll this is so powerful and well done for rthge content the style and the word imagery