writing in 2 classrooms one day...observations and insights


Do you think shaking it will dry it?
Will the blur morph into focus?
Incontinent ramblings,
The message on the wall

How come this smudges?
Coloured paper lining the walls.
An elephant tree on the table
Shirt + scarf: a bit hypocritical, don't you think

So what if for 1 day I had a break
Have you lost your stockings?
Did you tie find legs and walk?
Half are floaters, but money still grows on trees.

Churning like butter
As the wheels still spin around
Breathe in, try not to exhale,
Stem the flow of the torrent

Comes like a flood
With the walls crashing down
And the debris deluging
The power deluding

If you wait, you eventually will get, right?
The sun will inevitably implode
2 out of 3 ain't a bad return, sure.
But what about the margin falling through the hole?

Leprechauns don't have pronunciation
Liturgy: I didn't know you could light letters,
Still, parchment went up in smoke
Candle effect erasing the card

Indent on the wall,
in the shape of a box with centrioles
the fossil in the plasterboard
the signal high above

Patches permeating ceiling
Covering the scars
Palimpsest, momentary illusion
Flickering endlessly
Cessation of emotion
Paralysing of thought
Temporary interruption
Cutting the sandwich of fuel

Don't expect me to wait for you now,
It seems you can't accept that you're stupid
So shift your desk, and keep your head on it
Have you forgotten I don't care!?

How long do I have to wait before I can act?
No surprise in your striated slur
Read from the green and wait for the cue
Then ignore and release the excuse.

Stranglehold on memory
Challenged by arbitrary concepts.
Did you just say what I thought you said
Surely audio-transmission sparkling

Reading a book in French,
sweet anecdotes whispered by Jean-Pierre
de lune, merci beaucoup
Voila! It all comes flooding back.

When the back is open and the traitors behind
Expect to keep turning around
"Well, I can't count then!"
That's the same question!

Fragments of conversation
It was freezing yesterday
But I need a closing admission
All my friends walk in

One after the next,
Pages in a book,
Ingredients in the 30-spice cake
Working to stop the freedom.

Yesterday I walked,
and iott came true
Flick through the catalogue
to unlatch the key

Selection of terms, artificially, noice
Why is there a window above the door?
Mix shape with the unknown,
Silhouette flailing through
Now you pull at straws,
Exploration too tedious
Where the hell did this hessian come from?
6 of the easy, to stimulate the hand
Wobbly bracket feebly keeping together

Still on the path of pushing away
Sweep it up with the broom and then mop
Wring clean then slap back on the ceramic
Spread around all the mess to elsewhere

What is the long term plan did you say?
Cough medicine tastes so yummy, yeah.
Olivey bordering the beigey cream
You don't know if she's good- you know nothing.

So how will the spool wind, as you stride
Through the doorway and into the wind
Encounter the pothandle on the way to the hotplate
Count backwards as the stairs give way.

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 720 times
Written on 2006-09-05 at 07:45

Tags Memories 

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This is above my knowlegde but al this same i was able to scan through. The language of this poem is hard very hard that make its a nice poem.