deciding between evils...


Get ready to release the fury
The fire burning deep within
Relinquish the controls
and take the reigns of risk
Steer the vehicle on its way to liberty

Embark on the voyage that
will end an epic
Take a long deep look in the past
Retrace the footsteps in the dead of the night
Turn the page to look through the gaping hole.

What is so fascinating about a ball of wool?
The way it ties itself in knots so?
The way in which it unravels the mystery,
The fruit off the sheep's back,
The fluffy key

Ignore the smoothness,
Encourage the rough,
Try not to complicate the page
When the colours centrifuge into
a mountain of mess,
Get out the trichloroethane.

Such a small little book,
With the power of rebuttal,
and the letters standing bold on the edge
A mythical tale with a sting in its tail
With a hard-earned slap back to reality

How can you tell if the ledger is bent?
And the scales overbalanced along?
The see-saw could snap,
undesirable occurring,
The loss of vocabulary in the dark.

More unseen, more undiscovered,
The instructions on the blank sheet of paper
Get rid of the weakness and
Run amok in the mud,
The dirt sliding down the back of the future.

The end does not justify the means.
Consequence can outmanoeuvre path
What if risk overbears the beauty,
The coveted happiness sought?

You will sit there, with the wind in your hair
And the spray overlapping the shoulders.
The half-open gate, invitation or fate,
Leading out to the mountain of glory.

Stay out of the fire, or fingers will singe,
Possibility in a black ball of smoke.
Don't enter the edifice,
with a hose coiling madly,
it will turn and no doubt rear its head.

Keep your friends close,
And your enemies closer
But push away both when you need
No gratification in watching the downfall
No purpose in pain, nor the greed.

So sit in your island
And splinter the paddles
Desperately keeping afloat
Throw the anchor to the rocks
And the hope to the fish
But remember, oh remember
The love which governs

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 794 times
Written on 2006-09-06 at 04:53

Tags Suicide  Dark 

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keith nunes
absolutely wonderful. top marks for this. an epic, grandure, meaning