we are deceived every day...from both within and outside ourselves

Fragmentary Senses

To wake or not to wake
That is the question
Whether 'tis nobler to be blind,
or more beneficial to contrast the colour

Inertia of the unequivocal
The tearing of the ligaments
Frozen in slow motion
Ice meshing into the blood

Illusions of light
wavelengths conforming
Reflecting the sight
An impossible warning

Draw out the construct of the wall
Paint the river of the dawn
So what if you can't catch the ball
Just stand and yawn

When the hammer smacks the fixed cells,
Then it's time to contract
The long, gradual tendrils
Wrapping themselves round the dough

Stay there so you don't divulge
The quotations of the masterpiece
A yellow in the hand, could it be
The narcissistic uncover operation?

Cascading twinge of emotion
Engulfing the dent in the concrete
The shards of diamond
The cells of the brain

Turn and view and suck it all in
Like a tornado whipping the sand banks
The whirlpool enshrouding the prawn
The fish gasping for its next breath

Empty whirring, somewhere away
The microcosm untouched
Like an island of guano
Waiting for the door to sink it.

Angular strips of wood
off centre, unsymmetrically nailed
Lean either way, just don't fall off
6 feet below, hit the carpet behind time

Offshoots leading to dead ends,
Tracks to no place
Holes that don't bore through
Material that doesn't reach

A face in the window
A clown of dentistry
Dull ache in the upper chamber
Shoddy workmanship

Off on a tangent
As you prevent the wheel from turning
They used to be square, you know
But edges must be smudged.

Lines must be blurred
Clouds must collapse
Lights must burn out
As the fuel self-combusts

Slip into the cover of limbo

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 670 times
Written on 2006-09-06 at 05:06

Tags Illusion  Choice  Suicide 

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