186. The old maid

I know that you despize me all, you young infernal lads,
like Balzac did, who wrote some novels only to express his hatred of us,
but, excuse me, we are not old virgins for no reason.
We are capable of learning and observing,
and it is too obvious what you men are capable of
and never hesitate to plague us with, destroying not your own lives only,
but intentionally making a big mess and with a vengeance
most of all to innocents. Let's not just speak of the abortions,
all those cases that turned pregnant "accidentally" and "unintentionally"
just because the bugger "happened" to come home too early and too fast.
I think we owe most cases of poor solitary mothers,
who can not support their undesired children, to those bastards.
Let's not say a word of all those women psychologically ruined
and destroyed for life by "accidental" and "unfortunate" miscarriages
due to rapes and other "accidental" and "unfortunate" maltreatments.
Let's not lose ourselves in those discussions
whether such occurrencies are acts of love or not,
which you males always claim they are while the results prove differently...
Well, let's not talk about such things at all,
but let's just leave all those poor men alone
who can not handle women properly as human beings,
and they might perhaps learn likewise to leave us alone,
like I do mercifully and persistently with them,
so that both they and I can work in peace with more constructive matters,
like for instance dedicating our energy to love,
which actually involves more gentleness, politeness and respect
than just that vulgar sleazy dirty game called sex.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 805 times
Written on 2006-09-06 at 17:13

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