Maybe one day this scene will be reality not merely imagination.

A Day of Loving

As we walk along the cobbled sidewalks
Looking for nothing in particular, just
Window shopping, eating ice cream,
And seeing each other in the reflection
Of each store's display windows,
We fall in love with the beauty of whom
We are together.

You notice that I have a taste of that
Sweet ice cream in the corner of my mouth
You reach over and lick it off and we
Laugh. Then you kiss me on my nose
And I love you even more for the simple
Joy of being with you.

Holding your hand, feeling safe and carefree
I can't help myself; I lift up our hands
And kiss the back of yours and you smile
Then touch my face tenderly. A caress
That sends shivers through me and creates
Thoughts of us later, loving and sharing
In the making of love.

We, like children, play in the fallen leaves
Crunching each pile along the street
Picking up handfuls throwing them and
Running and laughing, relishing the simple times,
The times of memories, of true deeply felt eternal
Love of kindred spirits.

Then we return home as the crickets sing
Bringing our day to an end, the moon rising
Our hearts warm and aglow with the treasures
Of our day together. We eat crackers, cheese
And apples, drinking a glass or two of white wine.
As we listen to Andre Pavarotti sing his love songs,
We rise, hold each other, and dance.

I draw us a warm bath and we slide in together
I sit in front and you are behind me. I slide down
In the tub and rest my head on your chest.
You take the sponge filled with the scent of Anais Anais
And slowly cleanse my body rubbing gently
And squeezing the warm water over my skin.
The candle lit flickers as I turn to wash you.

I get out first and hand you a warmed towel
You use it, not for yourself, but for me, drying
Me with sweet tender pats as not to irritate my skin
Always so thoughtful you are. I then take your towel
Warmed from the dryer and towel you off with the same
Gentleness, kissing you as I dry your hair, your face, and
Oh, how I love to rub your back.

We move into the bedroom and lie together
Holding each other face-to-face, kissing little pecks
Across eyes and nose and then the passionate kiss
When we at last touch our lips together
This kiss excites our bodies into yearning for one another
And we love together sharing and giving of ourselves fully
Then we relax and fall asleep in each other's arms.

Content in our love

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 868 times
Written on 2006-09-07 at 03:10

Tags Love  Romance 

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it is very romantic, lovely :)

Yess! That's the way it is when it is at its best!

Malin Johansson
Beautiful Kathy Beautiful!!!
I have been there for theese days, so I have to bookmark this poem... it's so beautiful :)))

Sensual, loving and affectionate to read!

Very sensual write Kathy! Very beautiful... I hope it becomes reality soon.
((((((((Warm hugs))))))))

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hi there katherine this is such a gentle loving text with the touch of sensuality all your love texts exude well done
lucky guy
rgds mike

haseen whel
I love to say that you are always wow!!!!
....great imaginery, a day of loving that someday your wishes will come true!!!thank you for the love you shared for us!!!kissess(daughter)

wow!!what a loving read!!
every word..
a beauty!!!!!!!!!
no words to say!!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I'm glad I wasn't reading this while shopping at Walmart! I can just hear it, "CLEAN UP IN AISLE FOUR! Now what do we use to get up melted lady?"
I gotta find a fan!

keith nunes
wow! how lovely is that. such sweet romance and loving. something we should all aspire to, i think. great piece of art kathy