exploring the past filtering into the future

Once Upon A Time

I knew you once
When you were green,
Ripe with wanting
Full of quirks unseen

You had innocence in your eyes,
Sparkling stars ablaze,
Til they slowly went out
In a purple haze.

One of the many
I used to know
'Fore confusion set in
And the sights were set low.

There was so much that happened,
Many stories to tell
But I just couldn't handle,
And suppressed in my well.

Pushed the memories aside,
Like they didn't exist
Til you left me standing,
My senses a-mist

A fog,
Of thoughts that would not clear,
A painful web
Of unknown fear.

I didn't know
What it all meant back then,
I was under a spell
And I couldn't pretend

You live what you know,
Forget what you don't
Stand by that which you believe in,
When those you love won't.

You bore witness
To who I once was,
You cared for what I thought,
Didn't need to know 'because'

Back in the days of old,
Of thunder and of power,
When a change was a welcome holiday,
A piece of me faded with every hour

And grew into something,
Different but the same,
A philosophical palimpsest,
A child without a name.

Constantly reinventing,
Pushing the boundaries even now,
What I wanted to know, you wanted to find
We both thought we knew how.

Looking at you fills me
With such conflicting feeling,
The pain from having lost you
Still sending my senses reeling.

I wonder if you've thought of me
In time that has gone by
If I still occupy the space I owned
Before we guessed goodbye

Ionic bonds, we shared, we fostered,
Opposites still sticking.
Some say friends are just like flowers
But I don't remember picking.

My humble view on fate is this,
One has the power to change what he can.
But, at the end of the line, you see
Destiny has the upper hand.

Which is why I think of times gone past,
The people like you I know
Who faded so sure only to now
Come back when I need to grow.

Subconsciously supporting,
You wouldn't even know it,
But like a boomerang you bounce
To make me never quit.

I knew you once,
When I was a fool
But you'll still be Beckham,
And I'll always be Kewell.

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 704 times
Written on 2006-09-07 at 06:53

Tags Loss  Friends 

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People we knew pass by us like busboys in a restaurant, always crossing paths, always bringing us back to who we were and at the same time who we are now.