Always the hours

Always distance
in spite of nearness,
always a silent battle
and unasked questions.

Love kept us in chains,
but never
strong enough.

Still I belive
that I could never be as happy
with anyone
as I were with you.

I made it through the hours,
but the days were long
and than they turned
to weeks
that again
turnes to months
and years.

Still I made it through the hours,
always the hours
between us.

But even the sand
in an hour glass
meets an end.

Poetry by Bowjonozz
Read 777 times
Written on 2005-09-13 at 21:31

Tags Love 

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this is deeply sad... a separation where words that should have been spoken were never spoken... a waiting time nearing its end, is what i feel... i apply this in my own way to a part of my personal experiences... nicely expressed... thanks for sharing :f

later... xx

Commentally Ill
well that was spectacularly happy-sounding, makes me feel like going outside to smell the flowers. oh, wait that was the last one i read ;) this one makes me want to go piss on said flowers. :P