Your name is staying in my dairy

It's many who don't feel like that we have
many people who don't get theirs name writen in ther dairy

Many sleepless nights
bed who it's cold and pillows who is wet
hearts who is scream of pain and it's no way back

You may not know me such that i know you
but you name it's writen in my dairy
many times and can't count

I know that i get sad quit often
and i spend my night by me self in the bed

You stop listen when i needed you as the most
i cant se you anymore such that you see me
it feels like i dont meen nothing in your eyes anymore

The truth is easary to say but it's hard to take back
i scream of every word you say
you was my safety and now i'm abandon
it's no way back for now you have tell me the truth

You may dont love me like i love you
but now it's no way back
and even if it will you would't be beside me

You tell me that you was in love with me before but now anymore
i build up the trust for you again
why can you don't to the same thing for me

I'm not a innocent littel girl who dont have a mind of one's own
i can take my pistol and have watter war with you if you want
tie you up and torture you with candle wax

Do you remember when we sand their small sms
when we dying to meet again and just feel the touch
i would do anything to get that again
beacuse i know that it's the only think who meens something for me

So much that i love you i have never love someone else before
but i dont fight so much so much that i have fight for you
you could get whole me even that in inside

Get to know me and my sensitive spots
to kiss my neck and the back of the neck and my ankles
to make love with me to the moring light

You could get more that i ever can offer to anyone
but this would i not say anymore so i telling this now
you name is staying in my dairy..

Poetry by Lilla Trollet
Read 648 times
Written on 2006-09-09 at 22:25

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