This is the last chapter of this series. Thanks to all who have stayed with me in this story's development. I did not know where we were going until
each line appeared on the paper. There are 3 previous chapters posted
for anyone who would like to read

It Was The Summer Of Sixty-Two (Finale)

On she prayed and on she moved
The sludge of the earth pulling her
Sucking the shoes right off her feet
Her pain was overwhelming
As the burning went deep into her skin
The filth of this hellhole infecting her body,
Her mind, her soul, but not her spirit.
No, not the spirit of this little one
Who was a tiger, strong in determination
To free herself from the grips of certain death
And mutilation.

His hands, raging with fire, reached for her
Flames roaring red hot like blazing fingers of fire
Growing, lapping, at the sacrifice he had brought
To his holy of holies.
He roared out in anger and frustration,
A sound that cannot be explained
But only remembered

She will remember it.
Yes, of course she will remember.

As he lunged after her, the world stopped turning.
The stars shook in the Heavens.
Lightening bolted, jagged, across the darkened sky
Opening the black curtain of night to the
Glorious light of God's mighty power!

"Help Me," she screamed as she struggled
Through the muck of damnation.

"Jesus, Baby Jesus," she cried.

Then she started to sing quietly at first then
Stronger with each step she shouted it out!

"Jesus loves me
This I know
For the Bible
Tells me so.
Little ones
To him belong
They are weak,
But he is strong."

The demon was paralyzed with fear.
He was the prisoner now.

Jesus loves me.
Jesus loves me."

Her voice was like daggers piercing his ears!

His screams were silenced.
He stood with his mouth agape
But no sound escaped for he was muted.

"Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me."
She sang for her life; she sang for her Savior.

She never looked back; she didn't need too
The fire of the demon was extinguished by
The fires from God's all consuming power.
The flames of hell were burned to death
By the love of God for his child.
Newspaper item: August 1, 1962
Kathy Lockhart, age 10,
Who had been missing
For 3 days was found today
Along side the railroad tracks
Near Monon Avenue.
A neighbor, Mrs. Mary McDonald,
Found the child and knew her
And took her home.
Amos and Daisy Lockhart, Kathy's parents
Were relieved when they saw her
Come in the front door.
"She was covered in the sludge of the sewer,"
Mrs. Lockhart exclaimed, "but she's alright."
Mr. Lockhart said, "We all have been praying."
And with tears in his eyes he said,
"We are happy to have our
Katty back home with us."
When asked what happened, the child kept
Saying, "Jesus saved me. He saved me."

This is not the end my friend, no, it is the beginning!
This is a fictional story with real characters
both natural and supernatural.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 420 times
Written on 2006-09-10 at 05:01

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Emelén The PoetBay support member heart!
the end (I mean , the beginning ..) is an explosion ! I read it over and over again . Im so amazed by you . This story MUST be published ,, and It has inspired me to paint to it . I bookmark this because I need this story to return to when I crave for it , because its a rare dish .
Amazing mother of mine .
ps, Amos and Daisy ; does that make Kathy the sister of Phyllis ?

Phyllis J. Rhodes
The final instalment, the entire series has left me in tears, shaking, chilling, gasping, praying, ready to fall on my knees, ready to raise my hands in praise. I'm just spent! What extraordinary storytelling!

A heart wrencher..
a depth I felt in this..
a very powerful piece..
to this..write

keith nunes
wow! awesome story with vivid scenes and matching characters. well written as usual kathy

You have been saved in body and spirit, this is a very touching finale to this series.

Zoya Zaidi
Awe, Kathy it is beautiful.
Got to read the whole series.
But, the summer is not yet over.
We have a co-write: ' Summer Heat'- that is how I'll name it- I am posting it now.

Zachary P. B.
yay kathy! you were saved and then you were SAVED. i love it, the double metaphor.

"let me know that You love me, let me feel your touch, let me know that You love me, let that be enough"

Jesus is always enough. =)