A poet gone wild

Give me something to cry about
I can't stand these dry days
Can't lie down to sleep
Knowing this day
Wasn't to any good either

I need
Joy or pain
Or maybe neither

You see
I'm not like you
I'm not even like me
Happiness kicks ass
And I can't stand the pain
I can't stand knowing
That I know nothing
About how to live through my days

I'm nothing of what I want to be
I'm to confused you see

I am Charles M Manson
But have no gun
I am Chris Rock
But are no fun

I'm a whore
Without a vagina
I'm a newborn baby girl
In China
I'm love
Without pain
I'm not the shirt
I am the stain

So fuck my heart over
Leave me shivering on the ground
Lying with my bare hands covered
by your cut off hair
Take all your love
Don't leave a share

You can't make my day
Nor my life
I do it my way
I'm nobody's wife

I'm a carpenter
But have no screw
I'm Gods son
But have no proof
I'm a loving child
Brought to this earth
I'm a poet gone wild

I've been dying since birth

Poetry by frig
Read 664 times
Written on 2006-09-10 at 19:12

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Veld Cooper
This is a strong, mainliner of a poem, frig! Well done indeed - your contrasts are spectacular!

EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
haha ,, Great colours, words , great rhymes , great flow and hey , I could sing this ... if you let me .

Zachary P. B.
wow. i loved this... wonderful poem here... the need to let go, the need to define ourselves as "poets gone wild"... great job! =)


fun one..I enjoyd reading this..

you're not the only one going wild,
but you are the best one today;P