we don't want to grow up
but we have to grow up
as sad as i am
i do understand
i do understand, it just makes me sad
my tiger my friend
my little godsend
i know someday we'll be happy again

My Tiger My Heart.

used to think i knew everything

and i'd tell you
i did

and you would always
humor me, though i was never

too sure if you really
believed me or not but

it was always worth a try
just to make you smile and

tonight, i'd really love to know
what happened between today and yesterday

and a million yesterdays
and so many late nights

to make you pull away from me
as if i do not exist

and promise me that
you don't give one fucking damn

about anything i know
or think i know

and i am fighting the urge to cry over you
because god knows

if you're going kill me
you don't deserve my love

but, if you never noticed
the one thing

i never learned

i am too good
for you.

(they all ask me
why i constantly let you hurt me

and the tough part is
that i honestly don't know.)

Poetry by MiVidaDeEpílogos.
Read 854 times
Written on 2006-09-12 at 04:27

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Kathy Lockhart
I haven't read you for awhile. I am always interested in what you create. This was another truly unique and interesting piece. Thanks for posting. Kathy

wow thats heartbreaking and brilliant. keep it up, its really powerfull.

<333333 times 67.