whenever the air is really cold, i feel like this.

the tenebrous season.

the autumn leaves
like empty skin.
like fading

dried crimson
brown, congealed
yellow, healing.
crackling and withered,
they wince
when they hit the concrete.
but in their ephemeral
they are
delicate; pitiful.

i drink the air
like a strong liquor.
celestial drunkenness
laced with the scent of smoke.

overcoming a thin, anaemic body
shivering down
strong sky-memories.
my thin blood
in a whisper.

the elegy of the fall.
my birth-season
induces visions.

the cold
awakens something inside of me.
every time the sun starts to
i feel the shifting
of the borders
between living
and dying.

i feel the fate of the leaves
in my own body.

Poetry by anguisette
Read 1056 times
Written on 2006-09-14 at 01:59

Tags Nature  Secrets  Autumn 

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Sandy Hiss
This is so lovely. The imagery is wonderful, I could picture it all in my head.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey there young lady this is a wonderfullyn evocative poem of the fall like the song
'the autumn leaves'

this text cuts to the very soul like a lost love well done rgds mike

love the last line.

Judy T Lloyd
Well we do go through the seasons just like the leaves, but you explained this well. This is the example of show and not tell.

keith nunes
beautifully done!