the only reason i don't complain about the things you do to me, is because i love you. not erotically

Things will never be the same

You've made several mistakes and that's why we could never be together, as a normal teen couple. You wanted your freedom and a girlfriend too. you asked me to be your girl. why? didn't u appreciate our friendship? you screwed it up. now we're friends again, but i know things will never be the same, because our hearts suffer from unhealed wounds and in our hearts and minds the memories still haunt us. our friendship was the most important thing in my life but you screwed it up by wanting to have me as your girlfriend. i wish this would never happen...i wish we stayed friends...this would last to i know that you'll never feel love for me....never...because you've got wounds you can't easily heal and moments you can't erase.
i love you...
in a strange way...
what i feel about you is not love from a girl to a boy (couple) but to a parent to this child (strange...???)...i want you to be happy, to have fun, to smile, i care about you....
i wish u felt the same!

Short story by Angel_in_disguise
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Written on 2006-09-15 at 23:01

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