just doing my laundry...self-cleaning!

Like Clothes in the World of Dryers

thoughts of what could be
tumble inside of me
like clothes in the world of dryers
I fall upon myself
turning inside myself
by myself
around and around
we all fall down
as I see a reflection
in the glass of my world
I am lost in the direction
of the inflection as I form
and reform around myself
then the dryer stops
you take me out
and smooth me, soothe me
smell me
enjoy my warmth
and fill me with your essence
take me home now

kathy lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 389 times
Written on 2006-09-18 at 01:56

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Excuse the typo in my comment. Of course I meant But, not Bun.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
Oh how wonderful! Saved from yourself. Isn't it what we all need at one time or another. Yes Lord, save us from ourselves, our unenlightened choices, our misguided judgements: undervaluing ourselves as people, or for others, over assessing our importance. Like most of us, you dear one, were saved from that Evil One who would have you believe lies about yourself and your worth, and for a while, unfortunately you did. Bun no more! Now you are free, free to be who God intended you to be. He is the smoother. It is His essense that can fill you. And only He can take you to your true home.

A Metaphoric Masterpiece...

Excellent Write (FAV)

Although I'm a river of your emotion, you're not allowed to wash clothes in me... lolol...
I love the smell of freshly laundered clothes and the sunny thoughts they bring... Though, only you can turn even that into poetry!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
yes indeed asa the guy says you could paint a lovely picture out of anything well done on this rgds mike

We all need soul cleansing once in a while!

what a way to express what
is within oneself!!!!!
Self cleaning!!!
Understanding this!!
a sweet aroma:)))
Fresh spring air!!
after a spin in the Dryer:))
love the ending in this!!
love it!!!!!
love cindymac a ron i :)

keith nunes
love to be your washing! great poem kathy full of wonderful inside-the-soul images!