- from an old Swedish song,
in comment to Coolaaron's poignant Individualist poem 'Original'

206. The Wise Guys

When beauty came along, the wise guys had a song:
"We did not ask for her to come here."
And they fired her and kicked her down the alley,
for they knew much better how to manage without beauty
than to let her enter any of their frozen hearts.
And thus they lived on without any dance or song
or anything that possibly could risk their mind control,
for they preferred to live without beauty
rather than to risk any joy or tears or dangerous emotion.

For the wisdom of the wise guys is so advanced in its foresight
that roses and orchids will freeze in its dry coldness to death,
and people and pupils who are made to read their textbooks
of elaborate pedantic instructions about rules and law and order
will be petrified by such outstandingly premeditated brainwash
to never have bright eyes or searching intellects again.
Instead they were compelled to physically work hard with their brute force,
but all their diligence served only others and their masters,
those who taught them to mind only their own business
and to count their hard earned money since it was so little,
and to hate what tempted them to laughter and to some enjoyment
of for instance beauty in some flowers of some garden.

But we will have summer once again, or so the songs will sing,
and heaven will continue beaming forth some sunshine.
Much will pass that wasn't of much pleasure,
and our hearts shall be uplifted once again;
for beauty never comes or goes but to come back again,
so will the songs sing on forever,
and there's nothing that wil ever shut them up,
although no wise guy in this world will ever heed them,
refusing to believe their nonsense to be better than their wisdom.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 578 times
Written on 2006-09-18 at 10:10

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Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Alas, yes, all too true, and that's the problem! The Swedish poem that was travestied was Nils Ferlin's "När skönheten kom till byn".

A beautiful way of expressing something very true!