A piece of paper

I wrote down everything I feel for you
on one piece of paper
The one in your hand
Do you remember all the things we had planned

I don't understand
why you always have to be gone
Sometimes by my side
but never for long

If you want to know how I feel
My lips are sealed
Look at the item in your hand
Throw away your metallic shield

Read this text of true emotion
As I run away in slow motion

Words by Natalie
Read 896 times
Written on 2006-11-15 at 18:14

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brian paglia
Natalie I am glad to be back and glad to see you are still at it.If I've never told you before then I'll say it now;You are a delight to read and so well spoken for your age.Keep at it because there's no doubt you wre put here to share with others.

I think this says it all!