funeral party

Eternity - all over and done.

Her name is Luna. I know, it's a a dramatic name but she's a dramatic person. We've kept each other accompany every day by now. At nights she likes to put two of her prettiest fingers against my throat, trying to follow the rythmic moves of my pulse with her thoughts. She whispers, and whispers that I'm too disgust to be stuck with my gray and boring life.

She's always staring at me from her glowing shadows and her eyes are bruised. Bruised and beautiful. Her arms are covered with deep cuts and scars. It looks like she's been stabbing her arms until it couldn't bleed anymore, made her flesh astound and bones sparkle.

Sometimes I lick her wounds until all of the mistrust is gone, kiss the marks and blow a thin jet of air in her ear. Luna's quiet and her hair haven't been washed in weeks.

I want a trigger for my birthday.

Short story by els
Read 898 times
Written on 2006-09-19 at 22:12

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EmelÚn The PoetBay support member heart!
you always make magic , even out of midnights you create rainbows .

Amanda K
so soft and a great sympaty and pity shown. really wonderfully put 2gether.

keep it up,

Wow! Is what Luna's doing is a strive for attention or help?