" and i am inside jealous wing
i kid thee not sponge of likeness, foster mouthful hinge
dew horse/eating horses for england"

eye fold blind or glass
brush held forth shouldered fancy slept past
long toe crumbling sun
supply bend white
asume guest posed to come to
the painter
blind name
eyed on copy like a minded shadow
no name to come
disburse pretty mouth in-hand
drawn vein: a field in the burning
on a promise the dregs
a country road. a tree. evening

bow-ed to the fortune collapse sleep
drawn purchase moisture crumbling long
skinned by half (i know everything: not-i am this)

calender dogged
(youthful breast
(dressed to empty/dress the constant good

frayed on charge from spoon to lip service/frayed service lips spoon on charge
to measure up
sinking seas
(morning light:stranger)

1/1000 denied 2nd place
sewn like name and gloves
when the blank was a cloud
thumbed america flowering

steal forth parting penny: call the empty bottle and suggest
in kind our breath
wavering slendor
about turn
true to the oar dipped in flight

remember bucket?

compass the shame
no-where-is a fountain
a brick too far rode surgery hence age
blood's a wish crumpled in good faith
less belongs

verse moon fall
on the break
what's sunk(on account)?

marriage flew a note of applause
beneath duir carved finger
inhale a burn

exit displace chair painted wide

button tapping victory told fish the sky's water
coughed up in hand waiting
(to dilute)

(drawl the length pressed to call a close to mouring.

the drum. the severed head. the moon.)

Poetry by Aaron Jon Wells
Read 895 times
Written on 2006-09-20 at 22:04

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nope... i was wrong before... lol- this one's gonna drive me crazy...

all i could say after was, wow. enter the madness... ;)