Since no more contributions are coming in, here is the 'first love' harvest so far welcome to join in with some more! And thank you all for your efforts so far!


the 'first love' challenge

Memories of my first love My Challenge!!!
My challenge and invitation to you all: what feelings does the memory of your first love bring today? Is it still alive and burning and in what way? I hope this my challenge might inspire you to some xtra level of poetry!

Here is my own contribution and suggestion:

Memories of my first love, - by Christian Lanciai

You bring me back my first love
just by your existence
with your long amazing hair
exactly as my hippie bride of 30 years ago
who just like you enchanted all her world
and made all men go drown themselves in craziness.
Since then nothing has changed at all.
I am still young and green, nave and potty
and consider the whole world my own
since it is dancing all just for my love,
and I am omnipotent as a lover
since I have you for my love,
the only goddess of eternity,
who keeps my love alive forever
just by existing
as my first perpetual love that never dies.


will you marry me? - by Nepenthes

she glided in, young men's jaws dropped
black-haired beauty, caped
moving with the grace of angels
i lost the thread of the conversation i was having
with someone; her form burned into my mind

i would not see her again for years
but she was painting ceilings
in a cousin's apartment one evening
when i just happened to drop by
she fainted as i walked in
don't know why
must have been the fumes
her cousin was a friend from years before
i asked her if her cousin would consider me
so innocent, so entranced, so in awe

i wonder about the incredible coincidence
it was her double eleven day
she had a bottle of spirits
from my friend from long ago
when black-eyed pete ruled the world
not knowing this, of course
until she told me years ago
when i told her some of those
black-haired beauty things

i asked for a stage date
she has told me, since, that she winced
and chose me over him
for, you see, she had also eyed me
way back then, when she glided

i was one of the priests in a passion feast
in the opening scene, the general screamed:
i'll wipe this whole f***ing continent
clean as a baby's asshole, god damn it!
discordant noise, meant to unnerve

a row of nuns sat in front of the angel
they flinched at those harsh words
that shouldn't be surprising
i would have toned it down had i known
but they did applaud and smile for awhile
besides, that black-haired beauty was in the room
how could i lose? she had a rose in her hands

tequila filled the room that night
christ was john jefferson
and he bounced on waterbeds
i hardly noticed, i was transfixed
by her smile, and her sparking eyes
we kissed, tongues embraced
she said that she was going home
for a break, i couldn't wait
i told her that i couldn't wait to love
she blushed, i blushed, too
i loved her then
today is just the same

three roses on the mantelpiece
awaited her return from paradise
my paradise was waiting for returns
of black-haired, smiling beautifuls
we had first love, just wonderful, just disbelief
i couldn't let this slip these bonds of earth
please marry me, and she said yes
we're here in twice double aught six vines of wine
the marigolds still singing of our birth


My first love of infatuation - by KJC

Infatuated with my Grade three Teacher
Singing in class with his guitar
One day he asked to go to his car
Me being only eight
Thought this was so great
I danced all the way to his silver car
Giving me keys as well
I was just over the moon
And did I swoon
For this teacher in grade three
Who sung so beautifully in tune
I guess it was not first love
But it was infatuation
With this teacher handsome and all
I still remember him after all these years
I guess I couldn't believe he was
So nice as he appeared
When he gave me that responsibility
Of getting his guitar
Out of his car
I thought that was so great
As I felt important at the age of eight
And always remembering him
Years later even reflecting
Him today for a challenge
But I can't remember his name
Even to this date.


Cynthia - by Keith Nunes

Oh God, Cynthia I loved you so much
I cried every night when we left, I
Listened to Abba singing SOS
That song still haunts me.
I never kissed you but I did hold
Your hand, once.

Those lovely days at Lalor High
School in Melbourne went so fast
And then we left for New Zealand
And I have never recovered, I
Still fear losing a love. I run now
Before it gets too deep because
I remember what it felt like to
Lose my first love.

You found me 15 years later and
Rang. You were sweet, you
Had a husband and I had a wife.
We talked but there was no connection.
No matter, there's still a place for
You in my heart, Cynthia Rella


it broke my heart when he went away...not sure i remember why he did....but i could never forget this first innocence of new love

Stone, - by Blueyed Soul

Stone, was his name...that's how I remember him
He saw me at the carnival, I was with my friends
He ask a girlfriend who I was
Wondered if he could have my number
I was in awe, He liked me!
Shy and self-conscious I cast my eyes to the ground
Whenever he looked at me, he smiled
Back at school he began to show up at the my home room
And as I came out of English Lit
He walked me to the next class, staring at me all the while
I saw his beautiful brown eyes shining for me
and I know I blushed
I do now, just thinking of that moment in the halls
He was the first boy I ever kissed and it was good
Innocent and pure, warm and comforting
He kissed me like he was afraid I would break
And I kissed him back, my heart beating wildly
I remember putting my fingers to my lips afterward
Trying to recapture that kiss
And at home in my bedroom, yes
I think I kissed my mirror, pretending it was him
I don't remember why we parted,
But we did as most first loves do
Even now it is a sweet memory
My first kiss, my first love...and I will always treasure it.


Jennifer was her name innocent seduction was her game

Jennifer, by M.A.Meddings (lastromantichero)

She was an
Auburn haired
Green Eyed Girl
From the local high school
Her name was Jennifer
She had pretty freckles
And she knew how
To enchant me
Even then you see
I was won by a girls
To match mine
So at four oclock
Each Wednesday
And Friday
I waited
For her to come
to the local cafe
So risque
At the end of a day
Just hearing her voice
Left me no choice
But to become excited
Stifling blushes
As she passes
Me by
With a dazzling smile
I am hers by a mile
Much to the giggling
Delight of her friends
I must make amends
To ask her
Exccc use me
jjj enn ifer
Www i lll
Yyy ou
Tell me
What is the time
And i never
Dared ask her
For a date
Until it was too late


The Raggedy doll - by Liam(CB)

So long the object of her love
Together we went everywhere
Showing me off to all her friends
Treated with such tender care

Manipulating and bending me
Shaping me the way she could
Talking to me of girlish thoughts
Hoping somehow I understood

In each other we found our needs
A friendship that would never part
Like a favourite teddy bear
Comfort came from within the heart

But some things change, as they do
And then how the mighty fall
The love I gave is now ignored
Cast aside like a raggedy-doll


Maybe you felt this way.

First Times - by Coolaaron88

The first time her face
Came into view
My heart just melted
I finally knew

The first time we talked
My heart just grew
I face got sweaty
What could I do

The first time we hung out
I felt a spark
Between us ignite
Like fire in the dark

The first time we kissed
I set feelings free
That were locked up inside
I could finally see

First times may be scary
But I think you'd agree
That the feeling of first love
Will fill you with glee


Variation, - by Anonymous

Don't remind me of my first love.
I was raped and killed, and that was it,
that is, my love was killed from the beginning
by the evidence of hard reality
and the annihilating fallacy of man
resulting in a devastating disappointment
of supremest kind for life,
a rape to be endured and re-experienced forever.
How can love survive? - is my resulting lasting question
which will never have an answer.
Love just gets on and survives
like life when it bursts through the toughest asphalt
with some tiny flower, just for demonstration,
and goes on like crazy, loving just for love's sake,
just to prove its own impossible existence,
with no smile, no tears, as stoic as a deathskull
but nevertheless with irresistibility
continuing to love like mad forever.


Old love, old text

Miguel, - by Aliena

As far as I can recall
it was May 1978
and morning and sunny.

I painted a paradise bird on your window, Miguel.

My Greek dictionary in your hall,
my Latin books on your threshold,
my ghosts unquietly piled up
in your room's messy corners.

Your eyes of unnatural green,
your skin of most innocent white,
the features of your face so like
a king's in a fairy-tale book.

And we shared a bottle of wine,

naked in the cool of a shadow
sheltering us from the sun
of a city they call eternal,

naked in the beam of your light
which, although bright, lost its way
in the immensity of my darkness.

Poetry by Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 370 times
Written on 2006-09-26 at 10:17

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