Soundtrack: System of a down - Lonely day

I just wanted you to see me

You turned your cheek
all of you, the shadows around me
all the same shade of grey
I tried to paint the world with colours
I tried to make this world see
but you laughed at my paintbrush

You held your hands over your ears
all of you, with spiny fingers
some of you trembled
I tried to make this world vivid
I tried to make this world listen
You said I couldn't sing

You kicked me
I was already lying down
but that didn't matter
You wore shoes like soldiers
The lights went out
and the floor turned red

At least I got human interaction
But your eyes were shut
and you didn't listen
You never do

Words by Natalie
Read 926 times
Written on 2006-09-25 at 20:07

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Great!! Wonderful!! Excellent!!

So true.... I love it!! :D


You can put your mood in your poems very well.I love this one again like your all poems.
Thanks for your new poem.
Waiting for next my friend.

J. E.
Wow, very well written. You paint very clear pictures with your words. Neat.
And 16 years old? You show some serious talent here. I guess I'll have to read more of you. Keep it up!

You can't help to detect a lonliness and feeling of sorrow in this poem, you write so well honey... but I hope that you do not feel like this...


keith nunes
potent and powerful. great work here!